Certified Skydancing Tantra Teacher

Living and working as Interior Architect in Dubai for the past 27 years, Anando’s passion for Art together with his boundless creativity led him eventually to pursue art as a full time artist. He now lives and works between Dubai and the Tyrolean Alps in Austria. 

 His dedication to Tantra started since he joined SkyDancing family a decade ago along with his life partner and wife. Since then he never looked back and immersed himself in different self development programs, such as CO-ACTIVE coaching and CO-ACTIVE leadership programs with the CO-ACTIVE® Training Institute , Tachyon® Wellness therapy , TBU Tantra bodywork healing , New Me Breath work, OSHO® Active Meditation facilitation , Open Floor International , 5Rythms®  etc…


Anando leads workshops in Dubai, Europe and at Osho International meditation resort in Pune. He is also involved in the development of the French Mens Group “Sky Men” with Pierre Darroux for SkyDancing Tantra international institute.


After seeing the impact and beauty of the tantra journey and how it nourished and keeps nourishing his relationship with his wife, Anando is passionate about working with couples and to share his experience.


Anando’s creative talents are incorporated in his workshops, which leads the participants to open to new experiences and new possibilities and to lasting transformative changes. Anando likes to go deep, yet there is always a lot of humor, laughter and lightness in his workshops.