The Couples evening was special. Special for a numerous reasons;
We felt guided
We felt that you were in your heart as well as in your role of teachers
We felt that the structure of the exercise was according to our created feelings
We felt like exited children learning new ways to play
We really liked that it was a returning event and every time growing as exercise
We liked to do it with the same group of people, (although online) it gave a sharing feeling
We liked to see your vulnerability
We liked to feel ours

A&M – Amsterdam

We are so grateful you have shared so much with us about the couple’s communication and intimacy. 🙏
It helps our couple, and for sure we will continue to practice the exercises you have taught us.
It was also very pleasant to be guided by your amazing souls ❤

N&B – Luxembourg

Working with Mariama and Anando, my partner and the whole group was a fantastic and enriching experience. My notions of what a safe space can be, how to create it, and how to be myself in a relationship are some of the teachings I’ve captured. The work never stops, but knowing that they are people like these ready to listen to us and show us the tools to live a better life as an individual and as part of a relationship, give more meaning to all.

J&C -Portugal