What Is Tantra

Tantra says: Never condemn anything – the attitude of condemnation is the stupid attitude. By condemning something you are denying yourself the possibility that would have become available to you if you had evolved the lower. Don’t condemn the mud, because the lotus is hidden in the mud; use the mud to produce the lotus. Of course the mud is not the lotus yet, but it can be. And the creative person, the religious person, will help the mud to release its lotus so that the lotus can be freed from the mud.

Tantra is not serious – Tantra is a playfulness. Yes, it is sincere, but not serious; it is very joyous.  Tantra is play, because Tantra is a highly evolved form of love – love is play. 

In Tantra the man sits in front of the woman, the naked woman, and he has to watch her so deeply, to see her through and through, that all desire to see a woman naked disappears. Then man is free from the form. 

Now this is a great secret technique -otherwise you go on continuously seeing her in your mind. Each woman that passes by on the road, you want to undress her – that is there.

By watching for months together… the tantrika will watch the woman, meditate on her body form, meditate on her beauty; will look at everything whatsoever he wants to look at. Breasts have some appeal? – he will look and meditate on the breasts. He has to get rid of the form, and the only way to get rid of the form is to know it so deeply that it has no attraction anymore.